5 months, 1 week ago

OK well there is something that I want to get of my chest... I used to have Facebook, no longer ... because I had lots of friends on it, well not lots... just actual friends... if you know what I mean, anyway... why is it when they are online I try to chat to them using the message thing and yep... not a dicky bird.. it's like talking to a wall, I love to talk... or text, but what is the point of Facebook if you don't want to chat... I mean I like to see what people have for dinner of course I do..  eh... OK.... but at least chat... I don't know maybe it's just me... but I had to get rid of it cause I ended up with about 10 conversations started and no replies.... Well their loss lol... And you know what silver lining to every cloud, I'm now on here and there are people on here that talk to you so.... BONUS!!!! Unlucky my Facebook friends you lose... OK well that's me for today... thanks for listening and I feel a heck of a lot better now :)