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As it’s World Mental Health Day I thought I’d write something to show that no one is alone and there is help, especially at university.
University is hard, being away from your family, pets, friends, starting a new life away from everything and being a small fish in a big pond is difficult but you are not alone!

As a nurse, one of our jobs is to promote mental health and be there as a support system. If anyone is feeling lost or alone or anything then feel free to message me...you don’t have to say what’s up or how you’re feeling just be like ‘I need to talk’ and we can talk about ANYTHING.
EVERYONE feels a strain on their mental health at one point in their life and I know the feeling. When I was younger, I suffered with depression and everything that came along with it but I’m stronger than ever now and when I look back at that point in my life, I realise how grateful I am for all of the support I had, whether friends and family knew it or not.
This is why I want you to know that I’m here for you and so many people are too. Let us be the support you want or need. University offer so much support too! At De Montfort University, there are counsellors, advice staff on everything from finances to academics and personal tutors who are there willing to help you along your amazing journey.

As a Student nurse, we are constantly being told that this profession is one of the highest to battle with mental health issues and I can see why but the support you are given is outstanding throughout your studies and career.
Living at uni or living at home, you are NOT alone!
Love to everyone 💜