2 weeks ago

Detective Charles Knocked on Mr.Ricky's door. It was a case of robbery. Mr. Ricky's diamond, worth millions of dollars, has been stolen. The thief was very intelligent. He first disabled Mr. Ricky's safety devices and then stole the diamond.
Detective Charles went to the safely guarded place where the diamond has been kept. He tried getting some fingerprints but failed to get any. Then Detective Charles tried questioning Mr. Ricky.
Mr. Ricky said that he had been sound asleep when the incident happened, and he did not know at the time the diamond was stolen.
Detective Charles then went out to question the keeper, the only other person living with Mr. Ricky at that time. The keeper said that he had been to his mother's place and did not have any information on the incident.
Then Detective Charles walked around outside the house to see if he could get any more clues. Walking on pieces of glass, he saw that the window was broken. After a closer examination he saw the window had been broken with the help of a hammer.
After some time, Detective Charles decided to arrest Mr. Ricky for faking robbery. How did Detective Charles come to know that,
Mr.Ricky had a part to play in this case?