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8 movies that film students can't escape.

There are a few favourites that will be inevitably trotted out by your film professor at some point in the duration of your film degree. Here are the inescapable moments of cinema that you will be lucky to see less than three times to the enthusiastic commentary of a man in a tweed blazer. Prepare to laugh or cry at how accurate this is.

Train Pulling Into A Station

I extend my deepest sympathies to anyone who has had to watch this film annually in media classes throughout secondary school because your troubles are not over. Only film students will know the pain of watching this silent black and white train slowly pull into a station time after time.

A Trip to the Moon

A whimsical albeit old animation about astronomers travelling to and exploring the moon. If nothing else, the extremely old and comical special effects will make you laugh.


Are you even studying film if you haven’t been swept off your feet by the dashing young Humphrey Bogart? You don't study film if you haven’t quoted the famous line “Here’s looking at you, kid”.


Whether you watch the entire film or not, the shower sequence will definitely make an appearance in class. Don’t be afraid to put your hands over your ears or close your eyes for this one, despite being in a lecture theatre. The climactic moment is still terrifying thanks to the piercing violin score.

Citizen Kane

If you understand the significance of the word Rosebud, congratulations. You are one of few.

Modern Times

Most people will identify with Charlie Chaplin’s lovable performance of a tramp who is afraid of growing up to work a dull nine to five job. Although on the slapstick side, you may enjoy this as much as your parents do.

Un Chien Andalou

This film does not downplay sensationalism nor does it make too much sense, so if you are squeamish or enjoy a good narrative structure, you will struggle to get through this one. French surrealism is not for everyone, but those who don’t hate it will be wildly obsessed with it.

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

One of the more obscure films on a range of film courses, this spooky silent film is perfect for showing to some of your non-film friends during Halloween. Despite being one of the first early experimental horror films, it still produces a psychological effect today. As a bonus, you can show off your superior knowledge of the film industry by giving a detailed commentary on this niche choice.

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