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Films you have to watch if you’re studying maths, physics or engineering.

These are the must-see films that every student studying maths, physics or engineering must watch.

1. The Theory of Everything

This film, based on the life of Stephen Hawking, shows how the most well known theoretical physicist coped with the struggles of his illness, challenges through Uni and dealt with the ladies in his life. It is portrayed very emotionally and demonstrates the rough journey he has taken to get to where he is today. I never realised until I watched the film the severity and rapid pace at which his illness took hold of him. It transformed him from an independent human being to someone completely dependent on the help of others. Nonetheless, the film shows his ability to soldier on while still maintaining his record of being one of the smartest people alive today.

2. Interstellar

If you’re hoping to have your mind blown, then I would recommend watching Interstellar. For those of you either studying physics or keen on the ideas that involve physics, get prepared for a quantum mechanics extravaganza. The film explores ideas such as time travel, relativity and general 4D concepts. It's based on the idea of finding a new habitable planet for humans due to the crisis of overpopulation and global warming. There are many scenes which challenge your mind - the library scene at the end is particularly confusing. Interstellar truly changes your perception on life.

3. Gravity

Do you love space? Yes, but how would you feel being trapped in space? Exploring themes of loss, trust, and human survival on the backdrop of stunning images of space, this film is riveting to watch, and spikes fear within you at the sheer thought of the situation.

4. The Martian

This is an awesome film for anyone who studies engineering as it shows the ability that mankind has to create a new life. The film (without spoiling it) is based on an astronaut on a mission to Mars who is left behind on the red planet – with no one and no useful resources. Cleverly shown on screen are the struggles, worries and laughs that Matt Damon, aka. the martian is going through. I recommend this film to every engineer as it's thrilling to watch a fellow person in this field of work try to survive.

5. The Imitation Game

For the mathematicians out there, why not watch a film about a fellow mathematician? The Imitation Game focuses on Alan Turing and his adventure of cracking Nazi codes, including the famous ‘enigma’ which was thought to be unbreakable. It is exciting to watch as an action/thriller and on top of mathematical theories, includes a poignant portrayal of attitudes towards homosexuality in the 1940s.

Have you seen any of these films or have any other suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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