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Why I stopped blogging here for 5 months:

However my summer was one of the best ones in terms of travelling, a few things happened that made my personal life harder than ever.
It is still hard for me to talk about this, but being at the Manchester Arena during the terrorist attack made me realize what's important in life and how it can be taken away from you within a second. Ever since then I made a few decisions to live my life to the fullest. Therefore I left Manchester Metropolitan University and its Geography course because I have realized that I would like to be a marine biologist and being a Geography student won't get me closer to that. I would like to work instead of that so I can spend more time with my family and my boyfriend, both in Budapest and Milan. I am still in love with nature, our Earth, sealife and I would love to continue my studies more than anything but I just wanted to take a break from this extremely exhausting year and enjoy the rest of it.
Being there with my boyfriend was the luckiest moment of my life and I would like to spend some time with doing things I enjoy and not doing things that I have to.
However I will still keep this channel as my baby and I will keep posting as I did before. Just wanted to say thank you for all the subscribers and all the messages that I've received. :)

Love xo