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How to go Sober for October in Falmouth

University is a great place to drink. Fact. It is a fairly unique opportunity where you have numerous chances to go out with like-minded people and have a drink with very little to worry about the next day; as well as the fact many places seem to cater to your every drinking need. Which is why it's an impressive thing to go Sober for October as a student, and I hope to be able to help anyone undertaking such a task (I certainly couldn't manage it!) by pointing out the best and most enjoyable ways to stay healthy in Falmouth this month.

It is worth pointing out that Falmouth is actually great for activities that don't involve drinking and so perhaps regarding location, the task is already made slightly easier before you've even started.

Visit Swanpool Beach

Just the other night I had one of my best evenings I've had at Uni and not a drop of alcohol was consumed. I went to Swanpool Beach at around seven o'clock and went swimming with my friends. Now this sounds mad, and I'm about to make it madder as I don't even have a wetsuit but believe me, once your body gets over the initial shock (and feel free to scream your head off until it does!) it was incredible.

We were swimming in calm, clear water while watching the sun set in front of us; I very quickly forgot I was cold and just took in the beautiful sight. Not only is this very peaceful and relaxing but it's good for you, too, as you've got to swim to get out into the sea and then keep moving to keep yourself warm! It's also an activity that has a short and closing window as the sea and air will soon be too cold for this to be quite so much fun. Seriously, give it a try, it'll make you feel accomplished and will make you appreciate how beautiful the place we live in is.

Take up running to Pendennis Point

Again, you may as well take advantage of our picturesque seaside location: rather than paying to run on a treadmill in a gym, run straight from your house while taking in the sights. My tip would be to end up at Pendennis Point, but feel free to start your run wherever. I'm not suggesting you need to become Mo Farah to do this, in fact, a light jog would probably allow you more time to appreciate the view.

Once you get to the Point, take a breather, you'll have earned it. Take a seat on one of the benches there that overlook the sea, and if you're running with a friend, you can wait for them to catch up. There is also an ice cream van where you can purchase water, or even an ice cream if you don't want to run back! I'll leave the last bit up to you, but again the combination of a fun way to keep healthy and a chance to see spectacular views of the sea and the surrounding areas make this a great free activity.

Go to the cinema

To help you avoid temptation on those evenings when your friends are trying to drag to you to Spoons or even Club I, remember there are other great things to do instead. Take advantage of our cinema, Phoenix, which offers discounted tickets on Mondays with one of their movie magic cards and who offer such luxuries as hot food and sofa seats to further enhance your movie-going experience. Look out for quirky, one-time showings too. I watched a National Theatre Live streaming of Hamlet, and it was absolutely brilliant.

Watch some theatre

If theatre is your bag in fact, then you can also go to the Poly who always have shows on as well as independent films and up and coming comedians, some who have been big hits at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

Go to non-alcoholic events on campus

If you are on campus, then go to the less "heavy" nights at the Stannary, be it Open Mic Night where some really talented people perform, or the Quiz Night where it is your general knowledge and not your drinking capacity that will be tested. All provide much entertainment regardless of the fact that you've got a coke and not a pint in your hand.

I hope you have a fun month and most importantly, good luck!

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