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You have to watch these films if you’re an art student.

In my opinion, if you’re studying art, then there are some films you just simply have to watch.

The Da Vinci Code

Although not explicitly about art, this movie features work from famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci and also features the Louvre, a building of massive interest to most art students. The story itself is centred around a murder mystery, but it’s a great movie to watch full stop and has some scenes that will be specifically interesting to art students.

Mr. Turner

I should imagine all art students are at least familiar with the name J. M. W. Turner, but probably don’t know his life story. Well, this film is about the last 25 years of his life and career. Starring Timothy Spall as Mr Turner, this is a great film to watch for you aspiring Romantic landscape artists.


Venturing away from Romanticism, Frida is a film about the private life and career of surrealist Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Her life is almost as interesting as her artwork, and if you’re looking to study something a bit different, she is the perfect artist for you.


The reason I have included this film on the list is for the iconic scene where Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen enjoy an intimate scene while Molly is crafting pottery. If you love sculpture, and you love romantic films, you’ll love this one. Follow the spiritual journey of artist Molly, and have some tissues at the ready.


This film tells the story of American abstract expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock, well known for his unique style of drip painting. If you wanted to delve into expressionism, watch this film for an easy way to learn about one of the key artists in this movement.

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Follow young maid Griet as she works for the famed Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer at the time he painted 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' (1665) in Delft in Holland. In the film, he teaches her about art and painting. As you watch this film, you’ll begin to develop a fantasy of working for such a famous artist yourself, getting close and personal to their works.

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