2 weeks ago

Home Advantage plays a massive part...

I have been learning about Home Field Advantage in my Sports Psychology module and I have been thrilled to know that there are more than one reasons that a team playing at home have an upper hand other than the support from the crowds.

For years, I have been believing that it is only the crowd factor that really works in the favor of the team playing at home but what if a team is in lower division  or a local cricket club with only handful of people to support them? There are factors such as Learning factors which I think is massive in Cricket nowadays where the home team prepares the pitch according to their strength or know the dimensions of the field which is crucial in field setting.  However, the Rule factor which states that a team having an advantage through a specified rule giving them an upper hand is evident in the ongoing Ashes series with the use of Kookabura cricket balls by the Aussies.  I believe there is a reason why the English bowlers are struggling and it comes down to the fact they have grown up using Duke balls which swings more and has a better seam. Same could be said about the batsmen as they are more used to a swinging ball than a seaming and bouncing ball...

In the end, it does come down to the psychological aspect of it all be it handling the heat down under or the mental game by the Aussies it certainly seems that Home Field Advantage exists and the Australians are exploiting it to their advantage at the moment