5 months, 1 week ago

Knowing when to stop.

I love summer as much as the next person, but I always feel like I have a creative lull. Not being as busy as I usually am and feeling trapped inside my house, I feel like all the creative energy is sucked out of me with a vacuum. Becuase of this, I always end up feeling a little deflated and stuck to my desk, as if somehow staring at an empty word document will give me a million ideas.

Recently I've started to force myself to take my dog, Otto, on a walk at a set time every day. It sounds so stupid, but making sure I take some time out of my day just for me and my fluffy friend allows me to really relax and for my mind to wander. While it's not exactly ground breaking, even the smallest of events could trigger an idea in your mind. Just letting yourself the time to not be creative is sometimes the push you need.

While, obviously, I'll miss summer more than anything, I know that I've not wasted it. Even if I come out of it with a one or two story ideas, I know it will ease the flow for me when I start back at uni in September. While I might not be reading an insane amount of books, it's the little steps like this that really help me still feel like a functioning human being and not just a wet paper towel, sat uselessly sweating in a corner. While Otto might miss the adventures we go on in summer, I'm sure he will think about them in his doggo dreams for the next year to come.

Do you have any ritual you stick to when writing? Leave your comments below!