5 months, 1 week ago

#SummerBloggin 11/08/17 - Day Uno of this 21 day blog thing (that could be extended?) The competition Campus is running has given me a good opportunity to ramble away to anyone or no one, so that's fun. I'm currently abroad in Holland visiting family and it is very frustrating as my accommodation and course information is coming through in little chunks, and as a result is hard to stay on top of due to limited internet access and other commitments whilst I am out here.
I am still buzzing from Results day as I was genuinely unsure of what the outcome of the results would be. Counting down the days until I go down to Edinburgh is exciting but I am also starting to think about the people and places I will have to say goodbye to (if only temporarily). Being away from home is not something I struggle with, especially now after recently coming back from an exciting interrail trip, spanning from Brussels to Prague and everything in between.
Looking to the not-so-distant future, I can definitely see some areas I will have to develop in. Completely fulfilling the male stereotype of not being able to do laundry or clean, I will have to make an actual effort otherwise I doubt I would last a month. Also, unlike my siblings, I cannot for the life of me save any cash and I can see myself selling a liver just to go out one more time.
All in all, a very exciting chapter in everyone's lives I'm sure is about to start and I wish everyone good luck. It can only go uphill from here... right?