6 days, 21 hours ago

Hey guys!

Just recently the possibility of becoming a Campus Ambassador got pointed out to me and now I really want to give it a try!

I will start university this year and as I am an international student I will move aprox 400 miles from Germany to Brighton to study Product Design.

This is as big a step for me as it is for a lot of other people and in this community I was already able to finde a lot of help and friends in similar situationas and backgrounds as well as very different ones!

I am aware that there are much more stressful and challenging times to come but so are new experiences and a lot of fun (like for example being a campus ambassador? ;)) . Through it all I want to share the knowledge I'll hopefully gain and maybe make it easier for others struggeling as well and to ease their worries.

Generally I am more of a shy and quite person but starting this new chapter in life I want to become more outgoing, challenge myself, connect with people and take responibility.

As I have a lot of friends starting at uni in Germany or traveling the world right now I might also be able to help people with questions regarding moving there for a semester abroad or a placement year (as I will do one as well in my third year) or even connect them with people?

So... I don't really know what else to say that could interest you besides maybe my interests? I like to be creative especially drawing, photography and writing, I love to try all kinds of different sports and craftsmanships and I love animals and books and netflix ;)

Thank you guys so much for reading this and I hope you give me a chance!