2 weeks ago

Burger time!

So over the weekend my oldest friend John came down to visit me in London have a grand old catch up and we could keep to one of our much loved friendship traditions is whenever we meet up for a good long chat and catch up we do it over food. Because my friends sharing a meal with some one is a grand and happy time and I honestly prefer that to going out and getting rickety wrecked (Most of the time).

Being fairly new to London I had to scavenge the interweb for some good ol' burger holes (that sounds gross but it's glorious). I came across this quaint little place called Bodean's Smokehouse and BBQ restaurant by tower hill.  AND MY GIDDY AUNT, it was bloody lovely. They had Succulent ribs, They had chicken with skin so crisp it would make an mother cry. The wings where so plentiful and juicy so packed full of flavour even the mighty thor would set down his hammer and pick up this galant snack or gentlemen and women.


What I'm trying to say was it was ruddy good!

I went for the classic burger then added some streaky bacon with PepperJack Cheese but as it was a special occasion decided I could handle the 16oz. I couldn't, it was a mistake and it felt like two plump steaks in a delicate little patty with pickles onions and the lot. They also had a nice selection of craft beers. If your looking to treat yourself like I did your looking at about £19 for the whole hit but all in all I don't regret a single succulent bite.



give them a look see. Maybe treat yourself.

Small disclaimer the vegetarian menu has MUCH to be desired. So if you happen to be looking for a nice vegetarian/vegan meal then this place you will not enjoy.

Know any awesome places to eat? Throw them down in the comments

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