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Post #38 - Day 26 of Uni

So yesterday it was my brothers twenty-first birthday, and it was the first time I have ever not been there to celebrate. I'll tell you what, it definitely felt strange. They all order my brothers favourite, Chinese, and sent me a video of them all at the table - and I was literally in bed watching it and before I know it my eyes started welling with tears. Like my friend said, there are some things we have to sacrifice to get others. It was saddening but I guess this is all just part of the 'leaving the nest' scenario.


What I am beyoooooond excited about though, is going home tomorrow evening! I have a 6:25 train that will get me back home just before 11pm!!! I seriously just can't wait to see my family and my dogssss and have some delicious HOMECOOKED food!! It's going to be great! I might even sneak home some washing and beg my mum if I can use the machine! So I would just like to say sorry if I am not very active over the weekend - I probably will be during the train journeys and on Saturday morning (as my brother and sister are apparently going to wake me up very early!), however I don't want to be spending all of the time with my family on my phone so I may be even more slow than I usually am at replying!!
What are you guys up to this weekend?