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Post #37 - Day 24 of Uni

I. Am. Exhausted.
Its hard to even say what day is what while at university. All your doing is being in lectures, working or drink and it just all mushes together into one giant day. Safe to say I am excited to go home this weekend and just relaaaaax. Tomorrow I have a girls day with Welsh and The Singer and it is so needed. To just have a chill day of chatting and eating. I'm not going to let myself worry about anything at all!
I'm trying to find some volunteering work around Hull where I can work first hand with helping people or get involved in fundraising. Yesterday I signed up for one where you get paired with a foster child and you basically act like an older sister or friend to them so thy can experience a constant companionship and most of all they get to have fun! Sadly they have no opportunities available at the moment but they said thy would contact me asap. I received a form to help with SEED, an organisation that helps with those with eating disorders; fingers crossed, I will be able to help them! But I'm definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for anything.
Today I did got involved with two third year's experiments for their studies; the first one was okay it would basically flash words and I would have to say if they were positive or negative - but the interesting part they were seeing if they flashed a word before it whether or not it would flip how you think the next word is. In the second one the computer would begin saying words and you'd have to type what you hear and I swear to God I heard die, stab and cut a thousand times. I think the experimenter though I was loco!!
And now I'm off to go eat some well deserved tuna pasta; what are you guys up to today?