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Day 64 / 65 - 03/04 oct. 17


Hey darlings, I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to! IM SORRY-SHOOTME 😘 🔫

Let's not, Tuesday is my clear day off so all I did was watch YouTube, TV, went for lunch, cleaned the flat etc and made dinner - pretty mundane!


To great satisfaction I've found my comfy study spot in the library. I can't study at home - it's way too distracting - so finding my perfect space in the library was something I needed to prioritise early.

I borrow a laptop, walk up to the highest floor and find the most natural lit desk in the silent zone. Full water bottle and headphones needed. And I'm there for hours. Smash out so many lecture notes and further readings. BOOM.

Also, today I went to a mature student afternoon tea set up on campus. I met a really nice group of girls who were all similar age to me, some out of campus like me and it was good to chit chat and share experiences. Definitely recommend you to go to any thing like that. You are all there to meet people, drink tea and share stories. It was really like minded and easy going. I thought I'd leave after 45 mins and yet I stayed for 2 hours. What does that tell you :)

How's everyone finding friendships? Are we all happy? Lots of love!