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5 reasons to stay single at uni.

Chances are, you’ll have gone through school, and college under the pressure of needing to be in a relationship. Maybe this wasn’t an issue for you because you had that special person in your life, or maybe you are more like me and were happy spending your time being single. The second you get to uni, however, the pressure to be in a relationship simply doesn't exist. In fact, according to the reasoning outlined below, you might just be better off not being in one at all while you make the most of uni life. Of course, relationships aren't one size fits all - some people make uni relationships work effortlessly - but here are a couple of reasons that they might just be more trouble than they're worth.

Student Finance

Even if you agree to split the bill on a date, or you decide to take it in turns every time – being in a relationship will mean that you're paying for two people. And let’s be honest, student finance isn’t designed to cover that. Half the time, it only barely covers one person. Of course, you could get a part-time job, but that just means yet another thing to try and fit around making time for your SO.

Time….or lack thereof

This can depend on what course you are doing, but most uni courses take up a lot of your time. If you have societies on top of this, most of your evenings are then taken up. If you have a part-time job, chances are your weekend will no longer be free. Chances of trying to fit in a regular date night on top of all that might just be too much of a nightmare to consider.

Friends are more important

Odds are, the friends you make at uni will be more long-lasting than any relationship you have. Your friends on your course will help you cope with the workload and will understand your stress. Friends in your societies will share your interests, and the friends you live with do all of the above and more. Spending time growing friendships and meeting new people won't ever be something you regret - but missing out on potential friendships for the sake of a relationship just might be.

It's one less set of presents to buy

This comes back to the lack of money point. But at uni, you suddenly have more friends, and therefore a whole host of extra Christmas and Birthday presents to buy. This is fine until you realise you also have to spend money on your own family, and buy your food, and pay your rent, all at the same time.

Your uni experience will be incredible without a relationship

Your friends, the societies you join, and the experiences you have will be what makes or breaks your uni experience. As someone who has gone three uni years being single, I can safely assure you that at no point did I feel that I needed to have a boyfriend to enjoy uni that bit more.

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