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Upcoming events at Anglia Ruskin Uni.

Here’s a look at what is coming up over the next month at ARU in Cambridge.

16th – 29th October – Cambridge Festival of Ideas

At various locations around Cambridge, including the Uni of Cambridge and ARU, enjoy talks, drama performances, activities, and musical performances all aiming to expand your mind creatively.

19th – 26th October – Cambridge Film Festival

This is a great opportunity for you film lovers out there. You’ll get the chance to look at films of the past, and also learn about what films are doing in the present. You’ll be able to look at movies made by upcoming talents, as well as films from around the world and from different cultures. It’s a way to explore films you wouldn’t otherwise watch.

4th November - Bonfire night

As we step into November, we start to get excited at the prospect of firework displays. There’s a great one on Midsummer Common on November 4 that starts at 7 pm. Entry is free, but donations of £3 are encouraged. There will be food and refreshments available at an extra cost.

24th - 26th November - Cambridge Literary Winter Festival

This year, The Cambridge Literary Winter Festival includes highlights such as Nick Clegg and Sarah Millican. Check out the programme to see what interests you, as tickets are individual for each talk. The events are fascinating, and it’s well worth a visit if any of the topics interest you.

2nd December – Mill Road Winter Fair

This annual event is a winter favourite in Cambridge. The whole of Mill Road is closed off to traffic and is full of food and craft stalls. This is a great opportunity to pick up one-of-a-kind-gifts for friends and family. There’s also dancing, music, and other live entertainment. It makes for a great day out, and it’s nice to see the huge cultural mix in Cambridge on display at this festival.

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