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Body Confidence VS University

Considering this is the theme for this weeks awareness month, I thought I would do a post about it!
Going to university can put a lot of pressure on people to fit it. Even I succumbed to the pressure for a short time during freshers. Everyone is so fake at the start though, they are all just trying to fit in so acting how society thinks a university student should act and dressing like they think one should dress.
However, at university, as people slowly find the confidence to be themselves, you will see an array of different awesome individuals emerging rather than the blur or stereotypical freshers that you saw when you started.
I'm quite lucky as I'm a pretty confident person and at least to the outside world I'm pretty confident in my body image, but I haven't always been. Worrying what other people thought about me made me make decisions on my body that weren't necessarily what I wanted. I wore makeup throughout all of college but by the time I got to uni I had pretty much completely stopped and because my uni friends didn't know me any other way they didn't question it so I was able to be myself in that sense, immediately. However for nights out I became a completely different person, I do enjoy putting makeup on occasionally so I don't feel I do that to fit in, it's my chance to dress up and make an effort.
I have also always been a skinny person but no matter your size Society says your wrong. I love keeping fit and I want a six pack but society tells me six packs don't look good on girls. So in first year I told society to shove off and went to the gym 6 days a week on top of dancing and hockey. However University has many ups and downs emotionally and also physically and I put on a lot of weight at the end of second year because I had a knee injury so couldn't use my normal exam stress coping method of working out, so I began stress eating. It even got to the point where I had a friend point out the fact I had got a belly now. I broke down.
I also used to think about what underwear to wear even though no one would see it. But just in case - I didn't want to be caught in granny pants! But now I don't care if they catch me in my batman or my hello kitty pants, they're comfy! And even what's below the clothes, which areas you should shave and shave completely. No one else needs to see these areas of you but you find yourself stressing about it as society seems to think the only hair on a girls body should be on her head. I'm not going to into details of my bodily shaving habits but as soon as I stopped worrying about society I felt so much more comfortable and happy in how I chose to look after my body and I stressed a lot less. So what if I forgot to shave my legs for a whole month, it's natural, deal with it! If you don't like it then don't look at my legs - problem solved.
One insecurity I've dealt with for my whole life is my boobs. I don't have big boobs, not even close to big. This is an issue I still on and off struggle with. I would never get a boob job or anything but I often wish they were just that tiny it bigger. It's something people mention as well. I had a "friend" last year who would constantly make jokes about my boobs because hers had suddenly had a growth spurt and mine were still the same. This lasted the whole year and I took it on the chin because I knew she was just trying to make herself feel better by putting me down. I never showed when it hurt me but sometimes it did.
University is a time of so much change and it's a time to find out who you really want to be in the world. Try and put societal pressures aside, don't worry about the likes on Instagram or Facebook. If you want more likes then you show a bit more cleavage but that's not showing who you are as a person so these likes mean nothing. I want people to like me for who I am as a person, my body is just a shell to house who I am. Let yourself become who you want to be at uni because you have a blank canvas, no one knows you yet and I can tell you, people will love you for who you are!
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