5 months, 1 week ago

Holiday Post: No.2 #SummerBloggin

This was an amazing day. We decided to go on a boat trip - I recommend if you're ever in Zante. It was owned by "MyTours" and was the Turtle spotting trip.

We saw 2 turtles, which was more than expected as it was mid day. They're so bloody beautiful! We also got to see the Keri Caves (as shown behind us in the pic), which are absolutely huge and yet again beautiful! The boat got really close to one of the caves and all the little kids cried, but it was still fun lol...

We jumped into the sea off the boat too. The sea is SO BLUE and beautiful omg I wanna go back!

Later that day we said we would have a nap and go out partying on the strip at about 1am. We ended up napping from 5pm till 5am, so we didn't get to go out hahahhaa!