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Spotlight on a spooky song

We're all aware of the classics, Halloween-related or otherwise, but sometimes there are songs we might not have heard of that are just as worth listening to.

Galgasång is one such song. Written and performed by Finntroll (who I highly recommend anyway), the title literally translates as "gallows song" and has a very eerie feel to it, which is fitting for the autumn season as we creep closer to Halloween itself.

(You can find it on YouTube, by the way, but it would be really great to support the band somehow.)

As the lyrics make clear, this is a very mournful tune. Our narrator makes it very clear that the situation he is in now is much worse to the one he once lived, being a 'proud and fair man'.... now he mourns his losses along 'the trail of graves.'

Definitely spooky stuff, right? Like many foreign songs that we might not know of outside the English-speaking world, it's certainly just as good as anything else I might know in my native tongue, and the folky feels gives it a very sinister, sad tone, as if this misery has been passed down through generations (and seeing as Finntroll are hugely inspired by folk traditions, it likely was).

What other non-English song do you feel deserves a little more attention, and why? It would be fascinating to see what other languages and themes/traditions we could learn about!