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Annabelle 2 review (no spoilers)

First off can I say it scared the hell outta me and I loved it. The first one was bit meh but had high hopes for this one due the director (who did amazing short horror films before).

I love the conjuring series as they all link in their own ways. They also actually show the demons themselves at one point or another which is really cool, rather than them just being a boring poltergeist.
The film doesn't take any time at all to get you jumping or excited to see what happens next, which I also love. Obviously the films has deaths and they are very unique and done well. There are some incredible camera shots in this film which have lots of things going on at once in the background and foreground, which really make you look.
The characters are mainly little girls with 2 older ones, a nun and the parents of the house. I liked seeing how children would react to these situation and makes sense when they make dumb decisions 😂.
The only problems I might have with the film are that although the camera angles are really cool, they hide scares or clues which you might not pick up on and miss. Another point is that the demon, being as terrifyingly scary as he is, doesn't kill as many people as I would like, although his kills were brutal, I felt like too many survived at the end.
Overall I'd say it's one of my favourite if not top film of the conjuring series, with scares and atmosphere throughout, a main character that you feel for a terrifying demon that Isn't always invisible. I'd rate it a 7.5/10.