5 months, 1 week ago

Hey everyone! In a week you'll know your grades and will either be out celebrating or running around like a headless chicken not knowing what to do. I just wanted to make a quick post from the POV of someone who knows what you're thinking right now, but has also been through results day. AKA, me. (I took a gap year)
I want to say one thing first, your grades do NOT define your future. I know plenty of people who didn't get the grades they wanted, or even left college due to different circumstances, and are doing incredible things. YOU decide your future, not letters next to a subject you took.
So here's my guide to not freaking out on results day 2017:
If you miss out by one grade - have your first choice uni's number in your phone, call them, ask if there are any spaces left on your course. There is a chance there are several people in your boat, don't be the last to check for a space, you may get lucky.
If you're not lucky with the point above, your second choice is there for a reason. My friend missed out on her first choice by one grade, but she is currently LOVING uni life at her second choice. Don't despair if you miss out on your first choice, uni is an experience and it's highly likely that you will love it wherever you go.
If the worst happens and you don't get the grades for your second choice - this is what clearing is for. Another person I knew got EUU, but she immediately got in contact with uni's through clearing (roughly 40, enquiring about their courses and spaces) she's now studying marine biology and loving it. Proving again, uni will be fantastic wherever you go.
Don't like the thought of clearing? You can re-sit next year. I knew someone else who completely changed their A Levels and sat the two years again - they're now in London studying photography and (guess what??) loving it!
Have a list of numbers on your phone - first choice, second choice, and if you're worried (try meditation?) then another few options as a 'just in case'. Also keep track of your UCAS account and have their number, too. They will be the people to talk to about clearing.
If you get your grades - YAY no more stress and no urgent phone calls! Drink that champagne like the balanced-lifestyle adult you are.
NOTE: urgent remarks are a thing, if you miss out by one grade and your uni says there are limited spaces left, ask if they will take you if you get an urgent remark on whichever grade you just missed. This may give you a slightly better chance, but as I've said, you will love uni wherever you go.
NOTE 2: foundation courses are also an option if you want to focus on your chosen subject instead of re-sitting your A Level/BTEC/other chosen qualifications. A lot of uni's offer foundation courses, ask when you call them.
Please remember that you are human, exams don't reflect who you are, and sometimes we all have an off day. That off day could have been during exams. A lower grade doesn't make you a failure. You studied hard for that exam, you turned up to that exam, you did your best - that is all you could do. And you should be proud of that.
So next Thursday, breathe, because no matter what happens, you'll go somewhere and if you put your mind to it, you will achieve whatever you want to.
I wish you all the best of luck ❤️