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Oh My Giddy Jedi

we have to talk about the new Starwars The last Jedi trailer!


Have you seen it!? I'm not going to post it because there is a small part of me that regrets it. I feel like I spoiled it a little for myself. But MY GOD it looked bloody fantastic! But I am going to discuss some of the details so please know from this line know.




You've been sufficiently warned.

First thing I wanted to talk about and this about THAT scene with Kylo in his star fighter and you know he's targeting an important hanger. his eyes start to water and it cuts to LEAH!....WHAT!?


Kylo looks to be going full throttle on the dark side. The line "Let the past die..kill it" was chilling and god damn even smoke talks about how powerful he truly is when talking about when he first found him.


He's also seems to look a bit bowie with his eye scar. "He's a star man killing the Jedi" Also one of the things to parallel this sense of oncoming dread was likes reaction to Rey when he talks about knowing to be afraid of that kind of power.


Thankfully this seems to dispel any rumours that they plot will mirror the empire strikes back. Also it's been confirmed in earlier press briefings that Rey's lineage will be revealed in this film. I don't think we will have a "No I am your father" moment here. Mainly because of the lack of father figures. Han's Dead, Vader is very much dead and I feel like Luke being the father is too easy. I hope she's a Kenobi or something.

Next up we have Po and Finn Po looking to be leading the rebellion and Finn perhaps going undercover with the first order. We know we'll finally get to see Phasma in action and Gwendoline Christie is going to give a hell of a show if her performance of Brienne in game of thrones is anything to go by.


I don't want to touch on too much so lastly I'll hit on the fact that snoke appears to be a major player here and is now the official big bad going by Reys reaction to force torture .

Ahhh damn this film really can't come soon enough! Starwars is my childhood and I love that these directors are giving it the love it deserves!

That's all for now. Sound off in the comments who do you think Reys parents are?

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