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Beyond the quote #3

" There is something attractive about people who don't regard their own health and longevity as the most important things in the world"

Alexander Chancellor

There is always a great sense of appreciation for selfless and empathetic human beings. That is instead of being innately selfish in  caring only about your own wellbeing.

However prioritising ourselves acts as a survival instinct that we all possess. This is the evolutionary mechanism that Darwin described in which only the strong survive. The goal is then to pass on our Genetic makeup to future generations. We must always remember not to blindly place needs of others so far above our own in the hopes of avoiding unkind behaviour, that we inherently damage ourselves. Our one life is sacred and must be protected before we can even begin to think of others.

It is incredibly admirable to be concerned deeply with the quality of life other people receive.No one person can live without the support of others and we can all thrive together. Agape love has been encouraged now more than ever but it is only when your are truly well in your self can you then effectively help those around you.