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Maison De Moggy, Edinburgh



Since moving to Edinburgh, I have heard 'The Cat Café', found on the beautiful cobbles of the Grassmarket, mentioned every now and again. It's a cafe full of fancy cats you can pet, which sounds like a dream. After receiving a voucher to go, I finally got around to booking it and was left wondering why I hadn't been sooner, as it met my expectations and more.

Before going, you need to book online and it costs £7 per person for the hour (trust me, as a treat, it's worth it). We were greeted at the door through a cat-shaped window by one of the employees, who led us into a room to take off shoes and coats. There's something strange about being in your socks in a cafe, but it doesn't feel like a cafe at all, it feels like visiting a friends house.

The cats

The cats are all expensive breeds, most of them very large and fluffy, apart from one that is completely hairless. The cafe has loads of houses for them to go into, and one was even lying in a mini bed in a dollhouse - too cute. The only downside is that the cats aren't as interested in you as you are in them (they are pet all day every day) so you'll need to go to them rather than vice versa, but they're happy for you to stroke away.

Food and drink

You don't have to order food or drinks when you visit, but I highly recommend. I had the banana hot chocolate which was to die for, and a salted caramel brownie - yum.


The atmosphere was calm, and everyone in the cafe was super friendly, chatting to each other as strangers, bonding over their love for cats. This isn't the kind of place that would become your regular, go-to cafe, but if you're stressed from uni, missing your pets from home, or have a home friend visiting you, this is the 'purr'fect place to spend a couple of hours.


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