5 months, 1 week ago

Cats #SummerBloggin

One thing that has been most stressful about moving home is that I have to sell the kittens. For me this is heart breaking, I don’t go out much so the kittens have always been a source of company, love and also a fair bit of entertainment for me. I now have homes for 2 of the three kittens and my now ex friend will be taking her cat with her when she comes to collect her things.
Although I am not hugely attached to Trixie or Shang, Floof was my first kitten as an independent adult and also a therapy cat. She stayed with me when I was unwell, upset, she was twice as cuddly as your common cat and has been by my side since I left university in January. Although she is the oldest of my kittens at 10 months, she is by far the most playful and loving of them all. I used to use a lead for her collar and let her sit on the top of the porch out of my bedroom window and she would people watch and roll about on the porch but never go anywhere. We let her out without the lead now and she hasn’t tried to run once, she just enjoys the breeze and being able to sit outside.
Part of me hopes that Floof doesn’t find a new home, so I have to beg and maybe use my mental health as a bit of a tool to be allowed to take her to my new place with me, unfortunately trying to find a new house, on benefits, suitable for my disabilities is hard enough, never mind with the added struggle of having a pet.
I have just over a month to move out of the property I am in, and in that month I have to pack, wash everything and prepare to move without knowing where I am moving to for the moment. Can honestly say right now is the time I need my little fur ball the most.