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I'm not one who usually opens up on these situations but I lost my grandmother around August, this year, and my dad was in absolute bits. I had never met her. It's sad and frustrating as the majority of White British people have their parents in England, and grandparents are well-known for sharing stories of their children, who are now parents themselves.

Unfortunately, I didn't get that beneficial knowledge, as my grandparents live in Pakistan. I do recall my mum telling me that they had an opportunity to come here, a very long time ago, probably mid 60-70s, but they passed it up because they were settled in their homeland.

I felt for him. I remember embracing him and handing him a tissue to wipe his tears away. It was a very difficult period for him and the family.

At the end of the day, we only have one mum and one dad, and neither are replaceable.