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First off I do apologise folks for being silent on the comms these past two months or so, it hasn't been my intention at all!

Let me start by saying how much support and motivation I received during this year's challenge, running my first ultramarathon in 19ish hours. Without it I truly believe I would not have reached the end (and I'm not just saying that for the sake of saying it either, trust me!).

Since finishing the ultra a lot of cogs have started to turn in my life overall. I've been promoted at work (hence the lack of posts, I apologise once again!) which means more hours, more responsibility and more pay, so don't feel sorry for me that much!

But right now I'll be honest with you. I've never taken holidays since reaching adulthood. I've always stashed them away for a rainy day (which happens a lot in Wales) never to use them. This time it was different.

I've always been a strong believer in stepping outside one's comfort zone, and this month I decided to go for it, hammer and tongs.

I got an offer a couple of weeks ago from a very close friend of mine who lives a few weeks of the year in Hong Kong. He very kindly offered me a place to stay if I so wished. I thought it would only be an idiot to refuse such an offer, so I took him up on it, despite the fact I've never flown alone, let alone to the other side of the world!

I promise you that normal running posts will resume shortly, once I get back home to good old Blighty! But right now I'm going to scoop up what Hong Kong has to offer.

A bit different to West Wales that's for sure!

Picture: View of Hong Kong from Kowloon Bay.