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Ever sat down and evaluated the purpose of education?
I never have given the attention of education in school. To be honest who does nowadays unless you got a successful functioning parents who ensures that you succeed by perhaps taking away your social life and follow the angel path...if you are that person then this ain’t for you. Lol
If you were a “rebel” and had high self ego then it pretty likely that we didn’t get much GCSEs... I got 3, I genuinely thought it was pretty good until a friend of mine got B’s and A’s.... it not jealousy, it’s more of a disappointment for myself.
Surprisingly My Asian parents were “cool” with it.. not going to lie I was expecting to get kicked up my arse onto the streets. Didn’t happen but I did get kicked out for different reasons🤷🏼‍♂️.
But it didn’t stop me from getting into college, but it did stop me from getting into the course I wanted to be on.
And it’s ridiculous because you need this limit of GCSEs to get into a course..? It like I need £1.50 to buy a cuppa? Least that don’t require much effort compared to going through 12 years of education...
So the only option I had was health and social care level 2... i cannot count the shocking faces I’ve seen from my friends when I said what course I was applying for.. I mean a “rebel” going into health and social care settings... the damage I could’ve done.
Truthfully I was pretty scared, it was a whole new topic, with new people, environment and teachers.. I was that scared I felt it was going to be hard but the high ego Daniel believed he knew everything, my ego was so high i didn’t even go into lessons as I believed I was always right. Seriously.
And oh the teachers hated me... to the point they refused to have me back into another course but I passed level 2... not with high marks😂 only passes and two merits... I was over the moon, thought I was the best until someone else came along with bladdy distinctions. The first time hurt but this time it killed.
Therefore I reflected on where I was going wrong and it was me. I needed to change myself mentally, in order to succeed and get rid of the jealousy emotions as well as other factors. So the high ego Daniel became the good boy.
That meant I needed to get rid of people who bring the worst of me, who cannot support or improve me nor brings positivity. Because if your surrounded by negativity and drama, It’s is only going to distract you and before you know it, you’ve already lead to failure.
I also needed to find a purpose to proceed my education because truth be told we all been in a situation where we really have no clue why we are in education? Right. I can tell you I’ve been having them since the day I started secondary school and people thought I was already experiencing depression but that wasn’t until I discovered how life really works.
What I’m trying to say, through my educational experiences I have never been motivated, as I have never seen the importance of it. It like waking up in the morning and thinking should I go into work or go to sleep but if you think of the importance/benefits of going into work... money.
And Money is a big influence on many many people but if you replace money into education, you’ve already hit the jackpot. Only If you save up on your salary.
Motivation needs purpose and that purpose can be your career aspiration, your passion for working in a chosen field, impressing your families or achieve your dreams.
It will come and go just like our moods but if you keep yourself focused on you goals/passion you’d be motivated and determined.
I’m motivated because of my passion of helping vulnerable children and to show people that I can make it. And now I’m pretty smart, I guesssss and hopefully I can the highest grades not to be disappointed, again. but to get into the uni course I want to go into.
Because pass, merit, distinction are just grades whatever we get, is good enough to have as long it support you in the future. So from my life lessons don’t complete against each other, work with each other and you’d be surprised of the effectiveness of teamwork. And of course, don’t be a douche.