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                                          The Ecstasy of Power

The ecstasy of power must be immense. I presume, the only ones who truly know this feeling of being ‘in control’ are those who have had experienced it themselves.

While browsing through channels, I saw a large courtroom full of lawyers, uniformed men and media personnel. The focus of camera then went on a man dressed in black suit, wearing dark shades over his eyes. As I didn’t find the scene interesting and was about to move onto the next channel , I felt a chill running through my spine that stopped me there. Reason was that, the man looked completely dejected and downtrodden. The look on his face explicitly depicted a defeat ,as if he was about to break down, and don’t really care about hiding his emotions. Interestingly, the person’s face looked very familiar, yet it took me a few moments to recognise him. He was Hosni Mubarak. The man who was an absolute authority in Egypt and who ruled over eighty five million people, for three decades. Enjoyed great influence in Middle East and remained forefront in Egypt’s relations with International community.

At various times during his ruling era, his government was hit by crisis; several opportunities had arrived when he could have resigned, could have received farewell with state protocol . Instead of being in prison for rest of his life ,he could have gone down in history as a relatively respectable leader, who had left his chair for betterment of his country and people. What must be going on in his mind ,that resulted in showing such a gloomy face ,when he was been sentenced for life imprisonment .Was that the nostalgia of the powerful past, regrets and self-loath or was that disappointment and anger on underdogs who kept advising him to keep the chair till the end, for their own vested interests?

As I said earlier, perhaps the ecstasy of being ‘in-control’ is so immense that it blinds the person in power and smog their minds to an extent , that they are ready to go any length in order to retain the authority. Above mentioned persons were just two small cases of the present time. As, history is full of examples, of people as well as systems; where power, wealth ,influence and control were actual idols, and every measure was taken to retain the authority without giving any regard to human lives, morals and ethics.

Such systems surpass the context of geo-politics, local governance, economy , markets and industry ;

as such systems still vastly prevail and thrive in various areas of life. In such systems, profits transcend any other matter, and accumulation of wealth, precedes any other value of mankind. In these mechanism, human greed belittles environment ,health, livelihood of others and even peace. Examples of these systems are rather unnecessary ; by just taking a look around we can find numerous.