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It was on the day of the removal of the dam that your life became a horror story. It was the awakening of the King of all sea attacks and the nightmares that came with it. For you weren’t attacked by a shark that day. You were attack by a creature, you called Monster.

You had gone to watch the Dwarf Cannon fill up with water that once flowed from the Deep Lake and River Xenia; beyond the Great Divide Mountains. The water would then flow through the cannon, down Mud-ship Hill into Hoyn and in the sea; we fished from. It was an exciting event for all those in my town, for Hoyn Lake was drying up from the summer’s heat.

Only a few of the local town bullies thought it’d be funny to play a trick onyou. Unfortunately as a result, their trick sent you over the edge into the cannon. Lucky it wasn’t a very big fall, which is why Dwarf Cannon got the name Dwarf. You land on the cannon’s fall with over 20 cuts and bruise to last a life time. Your vision was blurry and your leg was broken, you were being careful not to damage your arms anymore that they were. Your fall had also set off a panic, because the dam was due to burst at any time. So an immediate rescue helicopter was called. You knew of the danger you were already in from the massive wave of new water soon to come, so you climb/limp onto a large enough boulder that was tall enough to keep me above the estimated height of the water, to sit and wait.

The helicopter arrives 15 minutes later and sent down a harness, you were able to grab hold of it despite the pounding in your head, the aching in your bones and the blurriness of your eyesight. Just as you was about to climb into it and all hopes were high, the explosion of fear in the form of liquid came racing towards me. You brace yourself for impact of a ton of waves came crashing over you.

Still upon the boulder, gripping tightly to the ridges with slippy and injured hands, you cough and choke on the rushing water. You heard the distance shouts above, telling you to grab hold of the harness. Only your eyes were blinded by water and some other liquid. Using the water around me, you wipe your eyes clear of whatever the liquid was and then try and focus on the dangling harness. You was finally able to grab it again, only to be dragged away from it with a scream if pain. Clawing and gripping at the rock, you fight against the thing that continued to crunch and shake at the flesh on your leg.

It wanted you to let go, it wanted to drag you under. You risked the look of seeing what it was, but the sight of it unleashes a scream of absolute terror and fright from your throat.

You kicked and struggled at it gripped, causing it to finally let go of your leg. Your scurry away from the edge, seeing the creature disappear under the waves, but prepare to reach up and attack again. Seeing the harness swinging above you, violently, you create the courage to leap for the harness. Hanging weakly and wet, you pull myself into it finally, moving your legs away from the water to above the creature snapping at your legs once more, as the helicopter lifts you up and away. As you grip furiously to the harness for dear life and in fear, you look back at the water, panting fast and see a pair of glowing golden eyes and hear a bellow of rage below the surface of the water.

A ton of people help guide you to the ground, as the helicopter lowers me to the ground. You yelp, when they grab hold of both your broken leg and the other leg that was ripped of flesh. They lay you slowly to the ground, removing the harness from around you. The people around you were raging questions at me asking if you wereokay. What happened? But you could not even hear them, you couldn’t hear anything the sound of running water and the bellowing of that creatures, as if it was calling me back to the water.

It’s all you heard now, no matter how far you were from anywhere. Even from the sea, Hoyn Lake and Dwarf Cannon. You could still hear the sound of the water rushing around and the calling of that creature.

Of that monster.