5 months, 1 week ago

Message for the freshers: As results day for you guys in Britain is arriving I wish you all the best of luck 😉 Also to all those who are worrying, stressing etc about their results and if they'll pass I say do not worry ! 😉 I'm a living example for that. Like you guys I'll be a fresher this year (september 2017) however since I was a student in France I got my results earlier than you guys (however I will be paying normal standard national fees so international fees does not apply to me and to what will follow) I had missed my conditions in physics for aeronautical engineering by two points ( got 11/20 (equivalent of a middle C) instead of 13/20 (equivalent of a middle B) ) however I wrote letters to show the admissions desk and team how motivated I was to study my passion and how much I loved the university and I used the fact that I had higher grades in maths and overall than expected to show that I was a good asset for them as well but motivation was ( as I believe it to be) the real game changer in the decision they made... Because in the end I got accepted at Loughborough University for aeronautical emgineering studies... Perseverance by calling them one week after I sent them my motivation letter one day after the results day was also a key element in my admission
... Therefore, the lesson of today is that motivation and perseverance are two golden keys for.your future and must not loose hope if you fail from a bit a condition because you never know what might happen if you show how much motivated you are 😉 On these words I wish all you a nice afternoon and good luck to all for.your results 😉